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The skies paint a motile world,
In shades of blues and whites.
And here I lie on this sodden turf,
Smearing its greens in red;
My own dreary Red.

The earth never felt so tender.
No more do I need to hide.
I can sleep now
In her lap like a child.
And let this life seep out of me.
A million memories concealed in every drop.
My stories shall be rendered unfading,
Written on these blades of grass.
Existence drenching reality;
Life bathing Life.

It feels like I am drifting,
To another childhood dream.
The wind would softly whisper her spell;
And I would be as light as a feather.
Gliding ever so gently,
Over the forlorn shingle beach;
Where the pebbles lay doused in slumber.
And I would wonder,
'How tranquil are those pebbles;
How peaceful is their sleep'.
Finally wrote something after a very long time. I have often pondered about life and the moment the lights will burn out making the mortal world fade away into nothingness. An entire life, an abode of memories; everything collapsing into a silent moment. A moment where time will stand still and an entire lifetime will be entrapped into a single strand of thought. What will be that thought? I wonder.
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Mez3rika Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist
"It feels like I am drifting, 
To another childhood dream.
The wind would softly whisper her spell;
And I would be as light as a feather."
Wow... Just... This is an amazing piece. I am absolutely in love with it. :love:
cruisnick Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
Thanks a lot Mez. Your comment really matters to me. I'm so glad you liked it. :)
Mez3rika Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist
You're most welcome Nilanjan. :pat:
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Edited Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Death one day will reach us all.  To hasten it is a waste.  As have tried before, but guess it wasn't meant to be, life had not finished tormenting me yet.  Not even death is a sure thing until it is your time.  Who says it is your time? Don't have an answer for that.  Apparently not ourselves, or at least some of us.  But for one who has tried, let you in on a little secret.  Death is not painless.  Seconds while you bleed out can seem like hours.  The pain of the razor going across your wrist will never go away if you fail to die.   The pain of a bullet entering the body is extremely painful, and if you don't die, what will you become.   A bullet to the throat is much like a throat being slit, trying to gasp for air as your lungs feel with blood, that is frightening as well as painful, and there is no turning back, no taking away the pain until it has run it's course.  As said, if you don't die, then what will life be like. 

It is romantic though to lay there in bliss, painlessly as your blood leaches away, spreading out over nature, believing people will morn you, or cry over your death.  Perhaps one, maybe even too.  Many will hate you, for taking something important away from them.  But then isn't life a love-hate relationship?

Just felt had to respond to this on your site instead of the normal way my group normally comments on peoples works. 

Anyways, wish to thank your for submitting this to :iconsharpenededge: and letting us share in it. 
cruisnick Featured By Owner Edited Nov 15, 2014
I totally agree with what you said. If death has to come eventually then may be we should let life travel its course. This also seems rather satisfying to me. It kind of renders me a kind of relief to know that whatever way I lead my life, the end has already been decided. Death is inevitable and that certainty in itself renders life a sense of freedom. However, I am more interested in that moment when death will arrive. It makes me wonder what will be my thoughts and feelings at that instant. Will it be at that instant that life will unravel its true meaning? I wonder.

Thanks a lot for sparing out some time and sharing your thoughts. Death in all its aspect no matter how romantic it may seem to be has an undeniable underlying pain associated with it. We all must never forget that.
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
When was shot in throat and chest.  The first felt like bee sting, but when trying to breath and could not, whether or not it was the panic that cause all the pain, or what, it really did hurt. 
When slit my wrist because did not want to live like a cripple having lost everything because of what happen, it really did hurt.  Ever cut yourself with a piece of paper.  That hurts.  Multiply it about a hundred times.  Today sometimes it still hurts enough to call my attention to the stupidity.

Have actually been considered dead several times.  The latest only a couple months ago when flying back from Hawaii and hand landed waiting another means to fly me home.  Can tell you straight out that there was no out of body experience, nor did see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Non of the times was blessed with either experience that others claim.
cruisnick Featured By Owner Edited Nov 15, 2014
Reading your reply gave me goosebumps. No matter how much I try, I can never totally comprehend the amount of pain you must have gone through. I'm truly sorry if this piece brought back all your painful memories. When I thought of writing this piece, I imagined a death without suffering. But you have witnessed death from as close as possible and may be that is all there is to it. May be there is no glorifying end of our tales but just darkness and suffering.
I'm again truly sorry and hugely pained for all the suffering you have gone through. You have made me reconsider my thoughts in a totally different way.
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Why do you apologize?  You did not cause anything.  if case be made it was me who came to your page.  Did not have to read it but chose to.  Did not have to comment but chose to.  You did nothing but glorified death, or made it inticing.  It is beautiful to dream that something is not painful.    My pain, my suffering is my own, no one elses, noting for anyone to apologize for.  Now if your the one that origionally shot me, they an apology would not be enough.  It would be something below the belt that would be clipped before an apology would be accepted. 

Was it not me who chose to pick this poem out of my galleries to read?  Was it not me who came to your galleries to read it?  It had already been accepted by one of my admiin so there was no need to comment or read it.  Doing so the responsibility for what it does or does not do to me rest on these shoulders, not yours.  If you must know why felt compelled to write what did is that in the last fifteen years of life have see beautiful children who have been abused die at their own hand because of the belief that death would end their pain and they would pass away peacefully.  When read this feared that is what you might be thinking or someone who read it my think.  So just wanted to tell you that it isn't peaceful, that it is pure hell those last few moments.

Just so you know you did not cause anything.  Memories are there every day of life.  One must take the good with the bad.  Have learned that surpressed memories have a habit of returning when you least want them.  You learn to live with those memories.  If you learn how to laugh at all the crapy things that happen in life, they are much easier to life with. 

Read a page of my journal for an example of a day in life, and how you can find humor in it. 

So please don't apolgogize for something you not do, at least not here or to me.  :)
cruisnick Featured By Owner Edited Nov 16, 2014
Rarely in life do we come across people who have strength to look right into the eyes of fate, face it as it comes and stay uptight and unshakable. You have one such strong soul and I'm glad to have come across you and have had this discussion.
This piece came to me due to an inquisition which had for long resided in my thoughts. I have always found myself being amazed by this mortal life. This incessant world in motion have always rendered me mesmerized in a number of ways. May be that is the reason why I chose to portray a death that will be tranquil and hypnotic. As I said earlier, you have made me reconsider my thoughts in a totally different way.
I am glad that you decided to read this piece and leave your thoughts on it. It is important that people who read this piece should also read about your experiences. What I have portrayed here is a my fantasy of a peaceful death but it is you who have seen the true face of death and its suffering.
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