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You people 'are AwesomE'

Sat Aug 2, 2014, 11:31 AM
Sometimes it truly amazes me that how some people tend to have a natural capability to light up the lives of those around them. Such people not only astonish me but also (to tell the truth) they make me feel envious of their immense capacity of selflessly making others feel happy.
Happiness, my friend, is not cheap. It is rare and these people excel in the art of showering this rare treasure like drops of rain sprinkling on unnamed blades of grass.

Lately, I've been fortunate enough to bathe in the kindness of such people. These people have made me realize that the act of expressing through words is so futile and can never be mastered. Words, sentences or paragraphs; nothing can ever explain the gratitude I feel towards them.

Recently I became a 'Premium Member' of deviantART. How ? It all came as a massively surprising gift from one of the wisest person I've met here in this community. Catherine (copper9lives ) gave me a 3 month membership and left me feeling like a speechlessly astounded alien who just somehow understood what happiness felt like. Thank you Catherine for this beautiful gift and for being such a wise soul. I'm so glad I came across 'Severance', one of the most beautiful piece I've ever read. I relived my most loved memories through this piece and it will always remain much more than a favorite to me.

SeveranceI was born to the sea. 
The salty ebb and flood within my veins answers to the same tidal pull that drags the ocean across the shore like a lover’s kiss. My depths contain their own mysteries, their own light. And when the surf pulls sand from under my feet, I have always been drawn to follow.
Selkies, they say, are water spirits that can become trapped on land, if one obtains their skin. Like a creature out of my element, my eyes have perpetually been called away by the lure of the broad Pacific, since my very first taste of ocean water. (“You’d better go get your daughter,” my mother had said, once her scan had spotted me in the foam, barely able to crawl yet — heading straight out to sea. “She’s ocean-bound.”)
The years wore me away in waves, patiently eroding my dreams, my plans, my intentions. Life grew richly in the interstices, the tide pools of my soul. Lost treasures washed up on my shores; tides took o

Meznan (Mez3rika ) has for long been a source of inspiration to me. Never failing to share her uplifting comments on my amateur works and always being a wonderful person to talk to. Recently she rendered me the honor of dedicating her poetry 'Four Ever' ( to me. It was a totally extraordinary feeling and the sweetest gift I have ever received. Thanks a lot Mez. I hope life will render me the opportunity to constantly savor your company. I often read 'Wishing well' whenever I need to relax. It will always remain very close to me.

I have earned a lot from this community. The presence of some extraordinary people including Eilwenn, Medoriko, chromeantennae, hypnicjerks, ParaisaDesign, pitkon, JanDeath, Same-side, inknalcohol, saevuswinds and all my amazingly kind watchers have made my stay here on deviantART a memorable event in my life.

Thank you all for being so awesome. You all are my inspiration.

excited happy Cheers to You. Cheers to Life.

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Tonight I suddenly had this urge of viewing the night sky. Uhhh

The prodigiousness, the sheer enormity of the sky at night has always made me feel at peace. I guess being a tiny piece of an entire puzzle makes me feel carefree and totally comfortable with all the uncertainties surrounding me. In fact, I feel I should be hugely thankful for how things are right at this moment, right "NOW".

So I would rather like to take this opportunity and thank all the people whom I have come, and will be coming across this awesome community of deviantART. I owe a heartfelt gratitude towards all the people who have taken the pain of going through my works, rendering their useful (and amazing) comments and to my astonishment even rendering my amateur works a space in their collections. I'm also grateful to all those who decided to add me to their watch list and always ended up wishing me on my birthdays.

Thanks everyone. Thank you for making life so wonderfully addicting. Luffy Anime Emoji (Big grin) [V3] 
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